A novel written on-line collectively by mediators and campaigners. The political becomes personal and two people working through their regrets in their life brings new freedom. "Is this the right place for an apology?"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The novel that you and I will write here is..

Here is where some of us will be commenting on the story we'll be writing together on the Apology4u Wiki site.

Two novels(by Rayner and Losada), one Monty Python sketch, the 40 cases book and an article about writing novels by Blog are the conscious influences on this idea.

The novel I'm interested in us working on has the following story line. A male and a female protagonist who come from different places and eventually find themselves working together as co-mediators, which integrates so much of the energy that they each had dissapated in ways that were not fulfilling for them....

Please submit copyright free amusing/moving stories of mediating /campaigning /living to be weaved into the novel.